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Anthony Shelton

Leader | Coach | Mentor | Educator | Speaker | Author

Anthony Shelton is an Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist, Team Leader, Educator, Platform Artist, Life & Business Coach, Consultant, Public Speaker, and author.  Born and raised in eastern North Carolina, which is where he still resides today when he’s not traveling and meeting with other DIVAs helping others tap into their untapped potential.

The mission behind Anthony’s work is simply to help others realize the impact and potential they have to make a difference in the world.  We can all do our part to make a difference for our generation as well as those to come after us. The values that drive Anthony Shelton’s mission is to create awareness, inspiration, and education so that anyone can start taking steps to fulfill their goals in life.

Anthony's Mission & Values


Helping you become aware of the environment, opportunities, options, and resources we have available.


At times all it takes is for someone to believe in your [untapped] potential for you to become inspired to make a difference.


Learning, growing, developing, experiencing, and trying are all essentials parts of success in all paths of life.

Connect With Anthony

Mentor, Coach, & Team Leader

My biggest passion in life is being able to help others however possible.  I'm blessed to be able to mentor and coach a variety of phenomenal individuals.  When I'm not working with private clients, I'm leading my amazing team of independent beauty guides.

Pro Makeup Artist & Beauty Influencer

Beauty has been close to my heart since I was a young child playing in my mom's cosmetics.  Fast forward to today where I'm working as a professional makeup artist for film and media when I'm not sharing beauty tips and tricks on social media.

Educator & Platform Artist

Sharing my skills and knowledge is something I try to do whenever possible.  I firmly believe in enriching those around us but especially the generation(s) to follow.  From public speaking, to writing, to live workshops -- I love being able to use any platform to help others tap into their untapped potential!  

“It’s up to us to make each day what we desire It to become.  We have to remember that only we are in control of our thoughts and emotions.”

~Anthony Shelton

"Anthony is excellent at making you reach within your heart to find your true happiness. He is an amazing listener, which in turn allows him to help you discover your own voice, he asks the right questions to make it so I end up giving myself the advice, forcing me to own my own diva. He will show you how to be grateful for the smallest & largest of things."

Nichole Whitford
Entrepreneur, Team Leader, Boss Mom

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