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Who is Anthony Shelton and what is Own Your DIVA Academy?


Mindset has power over everything we do.  I'll show you how you can overcome that & accomplish anything you desire in life!


As a professional makeup artist for film, photography, & special events, I'm here to share all the tips to look your best! #OwnYourDiva!!


Next to helping others and beauty; I am so passionate about business.  Let me share all that I know with you so you can own your business!

Own Your Diva

A DIVA is a Devine, Individual, Visualizing, Abundance and making moves in their life to be the absolute best they desire to be!  I'm Anthony Shelton, your DIVA coach.

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Some of My Work

Makeup Artistry

I'm available to for films, photo shoots, special events, and one-on-one sessions.  Book your session online or contact me for any film / photography projects to discuss details.


Coaching & Consulting

I love nothing more (except, maybe makeup) than helping others realize their true potential!  If you're looking for assistance taking your life or business to the next level, let's talk!


"Anthony is excellent at really making you reach within your heart to find your true happiness. He is an amazing listener, which in turn allows him to help you discover your own voice, every time I have needed his advice, he asks the right questions to make it so I end up giving myself the advice, forcing me to own my own diva and voice. He will show you how to be grateful for the smallest and largest of things."

Nichole Whitford
Entrepreneur, Wife & Boss Mom

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"Life is not always a walk in the park.  It can and will be a struggle and at times you will feel imense defeat.  However, anything is possible in life.  I want to bring out the inner beauty in everyone I meet.  I want to be the beacon of light at the end of somebodies tunnel so they never feel alone.  I want to share some happiness and gratitude because there is too much ugly and negativity in the world already.  I want to show you that anything is possible.  That it’s very possible to love yourself entirely. 

I want to be the change that I desire to see in the world.

That's why I do what I do...

-Anthony Shelton
Entreprenuer, Makeup Artist, Leader, & Consultant

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