Who is Anthony?

Anthony Shelton is an Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist, Team Leader, Educator, Platform Artist, Life & Business Coach, Consultant, Public Speaker, Son, Brother, Husband, & Friend.

Makeup Artist

Film, Photo Shoots, Special Events, Performances, to Theatre. I absolutely love being able to provide my professional beauty services as needed.  Let me know how I can assist you.  Contact me for info.


I've been entertaining professionally for the last 7+ years under the stage name Twixi Chardonnay.  You can find information about my upcoming shows on Twixi's social media or by visiting TwixiChardonnay.com

Trainer & Speaker

One of my passions is being able to share my knowledge and skills with others.  From courses, to events, appearances, & trainings; I love being able to help others tap their untapped potential.  How can I assist you?

"My biggest passion is inspiring others to own their diva and guide them to tapping that untapped potential!"

-Anthony Shelton

Educator & Trainer

After being an entrepreneur for 12+ years in a few industries; I've gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that I love to share with others.  This is one of the passions that inspired me to create Own Your Diva Academy!  I look forward to traveling and reaching as many people as I can with my courses, trainings, speeches, and resources.  I'm happy I've reached you!

Mentor, Coach, & Consultant

As you know, my passion is helping others tap into their untapped potential.  I'm available for coaching or consulting as my schedule allows.  I only take on certain mentoring partnerships and they are by invite only.

Team Leader & Beauty Guide

As a beauty influencer and content creator, in addition to being a professional makeup artist;  Becoming a LimeLife by Alcone International Founding Beauty Guide was a no-brainer.  I'm so proud to offer my clients the best professional cosmetics and natural based skin care.  

Leading, mentoring, and working alongside my team of phenomenal Power Divas is icing on the cake.  Working with these amazing entrepreneurs and top grade company is something I wouldn't trade for anything!

Looking to Work Together?

Reach out to me & let's discuss details!


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