The Power of Your Words

Did you know that the words you’re using have an effect on the outcome of many things in your life?  Most people don’t realize the power their words have over so many situations they are dealing with.  Taking it a step further, the words we use have a power not only over us but even over innate objects like water.

 Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, conducted a study where he realized both positive and negative words can have an influence on water’s structure by changing the water’s crystals. During his study of water, he also came to a belief that water was the ‘’blueprint of our reality’’ and our emotional energy and vibrations can change the physical structure of water.

Emoto’s tests mostly consisted of putting water in glasses and then exposing it to different words, pictures, and music before freezing it to analyze how the water crystals looked. Through his research and analysis, he came to the conclusion that if we “influence” water with positive words, pictures, or music that water crystals will be nicely formed. However, if water is placed near negative influences, such as negative words, loud heavy metal music (not saying metal music is negative 😉 ) then the outcome would opposite. The water crystals will be distorted and formed in a more rough and negative formation.

On the other hand through Law of Attraction and manifestation; the power of the words and thoughts we have affected the outcome of events and circumstances in our life.  Two great resources to learn more about the power of our words and thoughts through the Law of Attraction would be by checking out The Secret (book or documentary) or

Have you ever took notice of the power your words and thoughts have over various situations in your life?  I would like to hear your feedback after trying to focus on positive thoughts and words for a set period of time (I suggest 2 weeks or a month) and see what outcome it has.


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