7 Areas of a Balanced Life

personal growth Mar 27, 2019

Life is a complex journey of many events, circumstances, emotions, changes and seasons.  Finding a balance is the one thing that many people find themselves struggling with.  Even though life is a complex journey, it can be more simple than we imagine to find balance.  Yes, it’s more than just letting things go and “finding yourself”.  Don’t get me wrong, all of that matters, but it get’s much more simple than that.

We are going to break down a balanced life into seven easy to remember areas.  This will allow you to focus a little on each area versus running full force trying to balance everything.  That’s how people have nervous breakdowns, Y’all!  Seriously.  Take this one step at a time and remember life is not that serious. None of us get out alive anyhow. 😉  



The following areas of a balanced life are based on the Zig Ziglar wheel of life approach to life balance and goal setting. If you would like to dig more into this you can check out Zig’s workbook titled Born to Win. But for now, let’s get down to the basics so we can get to balancing!

  1. Personal Life and Social Life: This includes who you spend your time with as well as the things you spend your personal time doing.
  2. Work Life: Are you where you would like to be in your work or career?
  3. Family Life: Do you spend time nurturing your family relationships?
  4. Spiritual Life: Do you make time to study and grow spiritually?
  5. Money: How well are you doing to meet your monthly, yearly budget? Are you saving? Are you investing?
  6. Mind/Intellect: Do you read books, do crossword puzzles, learn new things, study to improve your knowledge and develop yourself personally and keep your mind strong?
  7. Health: Do you have a healthy lifestyle – regular exercise, eat healthily – to live as long as you can?

Focus as long as you need in each area, one at a time. As you work through finding balance in each of the seven areas, you will find overall balance within your life. Remember, it’s a journey. Therefore, don’t expect immediate results. Personal development takes time and commitment but if you change 1% each day, you will be a new person in three months time.



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