Daily Journal of Happiness

I'm so excited to announce my first publication!!  I've struggled with anxiety and depression for years and recalling my moments of happiness over the negative or not so great moments is something that has helped me tremendously!  After spending years working on these personal growth struggles, I've decided it was time to share part of my process with the world. 

Introducing the Daily Journal of Happiness that was created by my friend and business partner, Jessica Carpenter, and myself.  This was something that has been revised and fine-tuned by both of us to create the personal journal to help others to tap into their untapped potential.

About the Journal:

Tap into your untapped potential with the Daily Journal of Happiness by Anthony Shelton!

It takes 100 days of repeating a task to create a solid habit of anything. This journal is your tool to create a habit of having more focus and emphasis on the happy moments in life. As you work through this journal,...

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Be a Part of Creating Fierce Content!


 WHO wants to see some FIERCE new content??!

I've been working on a few amazing projects for everyone behind the scenes and I can't wait to release it all to the world!! Not to even mention ideas I have for future content!!!

However, we have an issue.... This shit is expensive and mama ain't got it like that!  

Sooooo, I was suggested (told) to create a Patreon so you all can support my visions for fierce content! I've thrown in some KILLER benefits for the various support tiers.

I've also made sure there is a way for anyone to support from $1 all the way up to whatever you wish! Every dollar will go towards content creation expenses!!

To make it even sweeter... anyone who supports me with $5 or more through the end of THIS month (June 2019) will receive a personal handwritten postcard from me!

I also want to thank you all SO FREAKING MUCH for all the love, support, encouragement, and motivation! I love you all so much! I can't express it enough!!

Visit my...

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Ready, Set, Go!

I'm so excited that you're ready to tap into your
untapped potential and own your diva!