Daily Journal of Happiness

Embracing the Little Moments

to Manifest a Life of Joy & Abundance

Tap into your untapped potential with the Daily Journal of Happiness by Anthony Shelton!

It takes 100 days of repeating a task to create a solid habit of anything. This journal is your tool to create a habit of having more focus and emphasis on the happy moments in life. As you work through this journal, you will begin to realize more positive and uplifting moments in your life. In return, this will remove any focus on negative moments.

Your Daily Journal of Happiness comes with a resource list and 100 days of focus points to help you recall the top moments of each day. Spend a few minutes each evening before bed to complete your journal entry for the day. Then you will head off to bed feeling uplifted and overall happier with your life. At the end of the week, you will be provided a space to recap the prior week and prepare for the week to come. 

This journal is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to create positive vibes, work with their anxiety, living with depression, or a variety of other lifestyles. After 100 days you will find yourself naturally finding more happiness in your daily life. Anytime you’re having a tough moment in life, you can review your journal of happiness to recall better memories. Here’s to your future and tapping into that untapped potential! 

Benefits of the Journal:

  • Improved Happiness
  • More Gratitude 
  • Increased Awareness
  • Boost in Confidence 

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